Reinforcement Learning Specialist

Hong Kong
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Financial Services
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Job Description

This is the perfect role for you if:

  • You are a creative and innovative problem-solver who wants to push the boundaries of what's possible in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency and fintech
  • You thrive on end-to-end application development, from gathering requirements to delivering robust, production-ready solutions
  • You are passionate about automating trading systems and related processes to maximize efficiency and minimize manual effort
  • You are eager to continuously expand your knowledge in both financial concepts and cutting-edge machine learning techniques


  • Design, develop, and refine advanced deep reinforcement learning models to power innovative trading and portfolio management applications
  • Conduct in-depth research and experimentation to explore novel RL methods and uncover their potential applications in the financial markets
  • Collaborate closely with the quantitative research team to seamlessly integrate RL models into existing trading strategies and infrastructure
  • Optimize and fine-tune RL models to ensure peak performance, scalability, and resilience in live, production environments
  • Stay at the forefront of the latest advancements in deep learning, reinforcement learning, and their practical applications in finance

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Advanced degree (preferably a Ph.D.) in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, or a closely related quantitative field
  • Extensive expertise and hands-on experience with deep reinforcement learning techniques, algorithms, and their underlying theoretical principles
  • Proven track record of designing, implementing, and optimizing deep learning models using frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, or JAX
  • Strong programming proficiency in Python, as well as experience with high-performance languages like C++ or Rust, and parallel computing
  • Familiarity with quantitative finance concepts, financial data analysis, and trading system architectures is highly desirable
  • Ability to conduct independent research and contribute to cutting-edge, innovative solutions