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Calling Singapore it's HQ, our client is a proprietary trading firm is seeking a Full Stack Engineer, one who is adept at building top quality dApps. The firm is a realm where collaboration, relentless research, and cutting-edge technology converge. They aren't just market makers;  they consider themselves as architects crafting solutions for top blockchain protocols worldwide. Navigating the intricacies of diverse environments, providing liquidity with systems and strategies born from the commitment to pushing the boundaries of decentralized finance.  


Position Summary:

Calling all Full Stack Engineers with a penchant for frontend brilliance! Join an exciting project, where you'll shape and implement user interfaces for the firm's proprietary trading platform.

Your canvas? The intuitive, efficient, and visually stunning user experience that defines us.

Job Responsibilities:

Collaborate with business teams, transforming ideas into innovative frontend solutions.
Craft and maintain user-friendly web applications using React.js, Angular, or Vue.js.
Ensure seamless integration of UI/UX designs, optimizing for speed and scalability.
Contribute to the entire software development lifecycle, from coding to deployment.
Visualize complex trading data with effective data visualization tools.
Collaborate with backend engineers for API integration and system enhancement.
Stay ahead in the frontend realm, suggesting innovative solutions to elevate our platform.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field (Master's degree preferred).
Proven years of experience as a Full Stack Engineer, specializing in frontend development.
Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React.js, Angular, or Vue.js.
Deep understanding of UI/UX design principles, translating complexity into appealing interfaces.
Familiarity with backend technologies, fostering effective collaboration with backend developers.
Mastery of version control systems like Git and adept use of development tools.
Proactive and innovative mindset, thriving in collaborative environments.
*Bonus: Knowledge of blockchain and DeFi technologies.