Smart Contracts Dev

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Craft the future of DeFi asset management, and be a pivotal part of a dynamic and innovative team. If you're fueled by a passion for blockchain technology, possess the wizardry to script in Solidity, and have danced with backend languages like Python or JavaScript, this role is your grand stage!

The Mission

Collaborate: Join forces with the development virtuosos to design, and perfect smart contracts on the blockchain stages of Ethereum and beyond.

Code: Weave elegant lines in Solidity, scripting code that not only resonates with efficiency but also ensures the integrity and functionality of blockchain-based financial symphonies.

Backend: Glide seamlessly between Python or JavaScript,  working the backend systems that support the very infrastructure and data heartbeat of the blockchain.

Integration: Harmonize smart contracts with backend services, creating a seamless user experience

Guardian of Excellence: Partake in code reviews and security assessments, identifying vulnerabilities and maintaining the best practices in the enchanting world of smart contract development.

Security Sentinel: Stand guard alongside external auditors, ensuring the fortification of smart contracts against any digital storm.

Navigate: Be able to stay on top of the ever-evolving cosmos of blockchain tech, DeFi protocols, and emerging trends in digital asset management, always staying one step ahead.

Innovation: Proposing and implementing solutions that breathe fresh air into existing systems.


Educational : Possess a bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field, your ticket to joining the league of extraordinary developers.

Blockchain Maestro: Your mastery of blockchain tech, especially in the realms of Ethereum. Writing smart contracts in Solidity is your second nature.

Coding Virtuoso: Proficiency in at least one backend language— Python or JavaScript.

Security : Wield the principles of blockchain security like a guardian, ensuring the project remains impervious.

Team Harmony: Collaborative spirit courses through your veins, ready to adapt to the rhythmic beats of new technologies.

DeFi: Familiarity with DeFi protocols and decentralized applications (DApps) is a must.